Eat Well & Keep Moving’s multidisciplinary school- and community-wide approach would not be possible without the investment of teachers. The classroom lessons on nutrition and physical activity are the cornerstone of the Eat Well & Keep Moving program.

Nutrition and Physical Activity Lessons

Using a multidisciplinary teaching approach, the classroom lessons equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to choose a nutritious diet and be physically active both now and throughout their lives. Developed with elementary school teachers, these lessons are meant to be integrated into core subject areas, follow a format familiar to educators, meet educational standards, require minimal teacher training, and are easy to use:

Although effective on their own, the 28 classroom lessons (14 for each grade) also serve as a springboard for the many other activities of the Eat Well & Keep Moving program, including in-class and school-wide promotions, physical education microunits, and physical education lessons (designed to be taught by physical education teachers and complement the existing physical education curriculum):

Training Workshop for Teachers

Six training sessions provide teachers with an overview of the Eat Well & Keep Moving program as well as a review of the curriculum’s classroom lessons. The training workshop is designed to last a total of six hours:

Session 1: Introduction to Eat Well & Keep Moving PDF download Microsoft Word Download
Session 2: The Good Life—Wellness PDF download Microsoft Word Download
Session 3: Eat Well & Keep Moving Principles of Healthy Living PDF download Microsoft Word Download
Session 4: The Five Food Groups and Nutrition Facts PDF download Microsoft Word Download
Session 5: The Safe Workout—Partner in Nutrition Education PDF download Microsoft Word Download
Session 6: Review of Classroom Lessons PDF download Microsoft Word Download
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A shorter version of the teacher training (designed to be delivered in one 4.5-hour session or spread over two 2-hour sessions) is also available. Individual teachers can use this slide presentation to gain background information on Eat Well & Keep Moving and familiarize themselves with the lessons:

Teacher Training Introduction (Short Workshop) PDF download
Short Workshop Training Session PDF download Microsoft Word Download

Alignment to State Standards

This document aligns the lessons from the book with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

More Resources

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